Monthly Yin, Yang and Saturday brunch​


Saturdays 9-11am workshop in The Cart House

Optional brunch in The Fold cafe from 11am (not included in workshop fee)

Every month treat yourself to a two hour yoga workshop, followed by juice, coffee or even brunch in The Fold cafe.


Find your inner calm...

We'll start our morning with a nourishing, releasing Yin yoga session. Yin yoga is a slow practice, with poses held for a number of minutes. This still practice allows the body to relax fully into each pose and gives us permission to be still... an opportunity that is often missing in our busy lives. The slow, calm quality of the practice lends itself to the more mindful and meditative practices of yoga, observing our thoughts and finding ways to let go.


... move, stretch and strengthen...

The second part of our session is a vinyasa yoga flow, moving through a series of dynamic and strengthening postures with options for all levels of experience. We'll dial up the energy from our Yin practice, without losing any of the inner calm and balance.

...relax and reward!

After Savasana we'll head over to the cafe together for a well earned brew!

Yin Yang Yoga workshop - 9-11am in The Cart House, £20

Social in the cafe - optional, and not included in the workshop fee. From 11am in the cafe.

Regular student offers:
*Class pass holders can use 2 class credits on request (£18)
*20% off for Monthly membership students (£16)
Please email to book using class pass or monthly membership rates

Yin Yang and Saturday Brunch sessions are currently on Hold.


If you'd like to be added to the Yin Yang early booking email list please get in touch at

Please note the usual 7 day workshop cancellation window applies to Yin, Yang and Saturday Brunch sessions.

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