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I guess you want to know a little bit about me. Of course, there's more to me than yoga - I'm a mum, a partner, a daughter, a friend. But here, it's all about the yoga, right?

My first experience with yoga was over 20 years ago as a dance student. Approaching yoga from a dance background I was drawn to the challenging physical practice, but under the guidance of my teachers my yoga changed, and it has changed me. Today, I'm interested in finding balance in mind and body, movement and stillness, softness and strength to develop a rounded yoga practice. I'm interested in yoga for life.


I teach nurturing, heart-centred vinyasa yoga, so you can expect a gentle warm up to ground you, building to some flowing yoga sequences then ending with more restorative poses to wind down. I also teach Yin and restorative sessions providing much needed stillness and time to rest. All classes end with a deep relaxation and a few moments in silent meditation to leave you feeling energised yet calm.


I am a 500 hour yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance, initially completing my training with OrangeYoga and redkiteyoga. I have an ongoing commitment to studying this life changing practice, and still continue my training with OrangeYoga. I am a Level 1 Poppy Perinatal Yoga Graduate which means I can support you through pregnancy and work with you after you've given birth. I have completed yoga and somatic training for healing and recovery, and I am also a Mental Health First Aider with MHFA England.

As well as being a yoga teacher, I am still a committed yoga student and regularly attend workshops and professional training to further my own yoga journey.


Some thoughts from a few of my students



I started yoga with Melissa about 5 years ago. My 60s had brought with it stiff and creaky joints and I thought a bit of yoga might make me more flexible and able to look over my shoulder when reversing.

I'm pleased to say I can now turn my head and neck with ease and I'm definitely more flexible. However, yoga for me now is all about the breath, the way this connects with movement,  how it helps focus me physically and mentally, challenging me to breath steadily through a tricky pose and to laugh if I fall out of it. It spills out into my everyday life and has changed the way I think and how I try to live my day.

Melissa's classes are responsible for this change. They're a perfect blend of effort and ease, serious focus and gentle acceptance of my body's many limitations. Her readings at the end of class are always thoughtful and uplifting. Her warm and welcoming personality shines through every class making everyone feel accepted, whatever their abilities. 


I've experienced many different yoga teachers but I can truly say that for me, Melissa is the best teacher ever - I wish I'd discovered her and yoga sooner but hope now that I'll still be practicing in some way when I'm 90, even if it's just to remember to breathe!



Yoga is always a positive experience for an hour, or in my case sometimes two hours. It is possible to find a peaceful place for mind and body. Whatever is in your head at the start of practice most times one can find a bit of calm from the monkey brain. 

I have only been practising for 10 months, but I'm beginning to carry something from my practice with me all the time... which is some sort of life balance! 

I am still a newbie, so come back in a few years and we will talk again.



I have been practising yoga on and off over the years, in different places, with different yoga teachers, realising the benefits both physically and mentally.


I have been going to Melissa's classes for about 2 years now and she is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had. She enables individuals of all capabilities to participate in the class, by suggesting alternative moves and providing different levels of class, including online classes. This has been really good for me as I have certain disabilities which prevent me doing some of the postures.


I am certainly more flexible and stronger since attending Melissa's classes. My stamina has also improved. The breathing control as part of the postures and moves has improved my breathing in my everyday life, helping me both physically and mentally.


Also, the lovely ambience in the room created by Melissa's friendly, empathic approach, lovely readings, soft music and candles, really helps me to relax and enjoy the class.


Janette & Kevin

We are relatively new to this area and have got to know The Fold quite well so we were delighted to find out about Melissa’s yoga classes held at the lovely Cart House.


Having attended for a few weeks now and done both the Slow Flow and the Vinyasa, we are both enjoying practicing yoga and the environment there lends itself to a calm and peaceful body and mind experience. You can really feel the benefit of the poses and stretches, especially the next day! We do lots of hiking and think that yoga will help restore us at the end of a good day’s walk.

The people in class are really friendly and Melissa is patient and attentive, helping when needed and letting us go at our own pace and ability. We both know that we will benefit from doing yoga longer term and look forward to our classes and hopefully we will get to one of the workshops in the future ….

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